September 18, 2017

NOVA Training


Virginia & Utah Concealed Carry Course

Learn the basics of handgun knowledge and safety, proper operating techniques, and shooting fundamentals, while gaining an understanding of Virginia and Utah laws and regulations. The course is lead by a certified instructor, providing the necessary certifications to apply for your permits!

Handgun Cleaning & Maintenance

Let NOVA Instructors teach you how to properly takedown and clean your handgun! The handgun cleaning & maintenance class is perfect for both brand new gun owners and veteran shooters. Properly inspecting, cleaning and maintaining your firearm is critical to ensuring it works properly when you need it, and will continue to function throughout the years. A pistol cleaning kit will be provided for you! You will need your own firearm for this class, along with any tools required for the takedown.

Endorsed Training Vendors

NOVA likes to ensure our customers have all the training they need to prepare themselves for any situation. For additional training, check out some of our industry friends and let em know "NOVA sent you!"

Modern Samurai Project

Offers private and small group instruction on basic self defense and firearms. Services include introduction classes to self-defense including striking, grappling, firearms manipulation and shooting sports.

Green Ops

They teach advanced tactical techniques and drill their students until speed, accuracy, balance, and precision become second nature.