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Return & Storage Policy

Once a firearm is transferred to the customer, it is non-returnable and non-refundable. However, if the customer has a problem with the firearm, contact NOVA Firearms as the firearm may be subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty. Nova Firearms will not sell a firearm as new if it is not subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty.

If the customer fails the background check, the customer is still responsible to pay the transfer fee. It is also the customer’s responsibility to promptly arrange the return of the firearm to the seller or make other arrangements to dispose of the firearm. All costs to return the firearm or otherwise dispose of the firearm shall be the responsibility of the customer. 

If the firearm remains with NOVA Firearms (a) for more than ten (10) days past the date the customer was notified that NOVA Firearms received the firearm for an incoming transfer; or (b) for more than ten (10) days past the date the customer delivers the firearm to NOVA Firearms for an outgoing transfer, a storage fee of $5 per day will accrue retroactively to the date on which the customer was notified or dropped off the firearm, as applicable. All transfer fees, shipping, and storage fees must be paid before NOVA Firearms will ship or otherwise transfer the firearm to another location. 

NOVA Firearms will store a firearm for up to sixty (60) days. After sixty (60) days, the customer authorizes NOVA Firearms to dispose of the firearm for whatever price NOVA Firearms believes is reasonable and to apply the proceeds from the disposal, if any, to the storage fees that are due. Notwithstanding the foregoing, NOVA Firearms is not obligated to dispose of the firearm on the sixtieth day and storage fees will continue to accrue through the date NOVA Firearms, in its absolute discretion, chooses to dispose of the firearm. 

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