April 4, 2018


NOVA Firearms Customers & Friends,

As many of you know, the firearms industry experienced a slow down following the election of President Trump. This slowdown has been evidenced by the numerous firearms stores decreasing their hours, decreasing in-store inventory, and even closing. This slowdown has been particularly hard for the northern Virginia firearms community due to the high cost of doing business further complicated by the narrow profit margins on firearms sales.


I am sure it has not escaped your attention that in the past several months our business has experienced some turbulent times. Our first challenge was the closing of our McClean location and moving to Falls Church. While this allowed us to continue to keep our doors open, it has not been smooth. We have struggled to meet the expectations of our customer base, for that we are deeply sorry. We have struggled to maintain the highest level of customer service in the face of decreased profits.


We understand this has been challenging for many of our customers and we appreciate your kindness, understanding, and support.


But, I am not only writing to thank you. I am writing to share with you that we have been offered to sell NOVA Firearms. We have decided to accept this offer. Over the past few years, NOVA has been our every breath and waking moment. It has filled every thought and has been our passion. We care deeply about our community and feel that selling the business is best for the business, for the customers, and for ourselves.


As we work to finalize the details of the sale we will cease all firearms operations at NOVA Firearms This will allow us to execute a clean break and transition of the company to the new owner.


Those of you who still have transfers with us or transfers enroute, they will be available for pick up NOVA ARMORY. They are located at 2300 N Pershing Dr., Arlington VA; and their phone number is (703) 997-1197.


All NFA Transfers are being handled with the NFA branch and will be processed as part of our close-up procedures. As tax stamps are received we will be reaching out to you directly with directions on how to pick up your item(s).


In addition, all orders not received at this time have been REFUNDED through our system. ALL REFUNDS have been processed and are making their way through the credit processing system. If you have any issues with your refund, please reach out to your credit company, as they will have more information regarding the delay.

Once we have finalized the details of the sales we will introduce to you the new owners and allow them to share their vision for the future of the NOVA Firearms Brand.


If you have unresolved business with NOVA Firearms, please contact me directly at jb@novafirearms.com and I will work with you to resolve your request. I ask you for your patience as this is a very busy time and my team and I are working as diligently as possible to ensure all matters are attended to properly.


It has been a great pleasure to not only be your firearms dealer but your friend. Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to the good things the future holds for all of us.


Thank you,

JB & The NOVA Team